May 18-29

How will we shape the knowledge that will shape the future?

Open Publishing Fest celebrates communities developing open creative, scholarly, technological, and civic publishing projects. Together, we find new ground to share our ideas.

This is at once a collaborative and distributed event. Sessions are hosted by individuals and organizations around the world as panel discussions, fireside chats, demonstrations, and performances. We connect those points to bring them in conversation with one another and map out what’s next.

We seek to build networks of resilience and care for people working on new ways to develop and share knowledge.

Join us by proposing a session. Proposals will be considered on a rolling basis up to and throughout the fest.

Open Publishing Fest sprang from discussions on building bridges over physical distance between Adam Hyde of Coko and Dan Rudmann at punctum books. We asked how we can share projects we love, find new collaborators, and support our communities.

The fest is built on a desire to cheer people up and, at the same time, showcase a revolution in publishing occurring around the world and across industries. It’s an opportunity to bring people together in many ways, allowing participants to host sessions in their own style and on their own terms.

We have invited a number of people to curate themes, feel free to contact us if you would like to be a curator. Starting curators include John Chodacki at California Digital Library, Chris Hartgerink at Liberate Science, Christine Fruin of Atla, Martin Eve at the Open Library of Humanities, as well as Karen Yook, Daniela Raciti and Todd Harris of microPublication.

Development by Julien Taquet of Coko (with the help of Yannis Barlas (Coko) and Boris Budini from, design by Kevin Muñoz at Super Mega Studio.

Feel free to propose an event for inclusion using this form.


For more info or to discuss ideas please email

Code of Conduct

You can find the Code of the conduct of the Open Publishing Fest here.


Concept: Adam Hyde (Coko)

Organisation: Adam Hyde and Dan Rudmann (Punctum Books)

Curation: Adam Hyde, Dan Rudmann, John Chodacki, Cameron Neylon, Karen Yook, Daniela Raciti, Todd Harris, Martin Eve, Chris Hartgerink, Christine Fruin

Illustration: Kevin Muñoz

Site Design and Dev: Julien Taquet (Coko)

Sys Ops: Boris Budini (Cloud68)

Video: Elisa Cucinelli

$ : this event is financed by Coko

The fonts used is Overpass from Delve Fonts, sponsored by Red Hat

All code is open source. The calendar code developed for this event can be found at

We are more than happy to talk to anyone that would like to organise a similar event on how we did it and what we learned.